What is Old School?

Posted by Nobody on 28 December 2011

"Old-School" Basketball..... Ritz Ingram

We often hear people using the term "Old-School" when they see something happen on the Basketball Court. Did you ever stop and ask yourself what they are talking about?

Here is my definition of "Old-School" ....

"Old-School" refers to a Time when it was "all about the Game" and not about "your Game".

"Old-School" means what can I do to help my Team win the Game and not how can I win the Game.

"Old-School" means working to get the best Shot for the Team and not just about getting your shot off.

"Old-School" means passing the Ball to an open player and not just trying to make great passes.

"Old-School" means playing defense by moving your feet and not just reaching in and trying to steal the ball.

"Old-School" means preventing your man from getting the ball; not let him get it and then try to block his shot.

"Old-School" means if you can’t beat your man in two or three dribbles, then give the ball up; and not dribble until you beat your man.

"Old-School" means that "and-1" is a made-basket plus a free-throw and not a series of individual shake-and-bake moves from a video.

"Old-School" means move until you are open and then move again; not spot up for a "Three" and then wait there until you get the ball.

"Old-School" means if you lose the Ball on offense, then you hustle and try and get it back on defense; not stand and blame the ref or a teammate for the mistake.

"Old-School" means looking at the score sheet and feeling good that your team won and not feeling bad because you were not one of the top scorers.

"Old-School" means that making a good pass is just as important as making a shot.

"Old-School" means that Boxing-Out is just as important as getting the Rebound.

"Old-School" refers to a time when Practice meant trying to improve all of your basketball skills; not just going to the Gym to shoot 3-Pointers or try to Dunk.

An opponent may stop an "Old-School" Player from scoring but they can’t prevent him from having a good game by only stopping his scoring, because "Old-School" Players can hurt you in many other ways... They Pass, they Rebound, they play Defense, they Lead their team by example, they understand that to win you have to do more than just score points....

"Old-School" means trying to be the best player you can be and then trying to help your team in every way possible to be the best that it can be....

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